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Welcome Back!

Dear Faith Formation families ,

Thank you to all those who completed the Faith Formation Survey previously emailed. Your responses helped us to determine how to move forward from here. If you did not receive the survey, please know that you can call or email the church at anytime. Your input is very important and valued!

Based on survey responses, our Faith Formation Team decided to proceed as follows:

· Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion: For students who would have completed the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, we will be offering a Summer Sacramental program to keep on pace, enabling your child to continue at grade level in the fall. First Communions and First Reconciliations will be celebrated at the  completion of their summer course. We will be flexible with vacations, etc.  Please call the office to have a registration form mailed to you if you did not receive one in the mail as of May 15.

· Sacrament of Confirmation: Because of our late start, we were unable to secure Bishop Mike at IC for Confirmation this Spring. Therefore, we will proceed as follows: Traditional classes will end June 7th. We will host two mini-retreats during the summer to keep us connected.  One will focus on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the other will be centered around acts of  service. See reverse for dates. Confirmation will be celebrated in the fall. The date will be set by the Chancery.

· All other grade levels: Classes will resume in October 2021 with a combined curriculum from the previous and current years.

· For those who have fallen behind: If your life circumstances prevented you from committing to faith formation for your kids and you need help getting started (or restarted), don’t let  falling behind keep you from moving forward! We can help! Simply call the office and we can work together to get your kids at grade level.