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Real Presence. Real Hope. Real Mission.

The Catholic Faithful, priests, deacons, religious, parish administrators and school leaders of the Diocese of Buffalo have embarked on a journey to reinvigorate Catholic faith, more fully optimize parish and diocesan resources, and increase the impact of our varied ministries throughout Western New York. Much as the disciples rediscovered the Lord – and had their hope renewed – while breaking bread together after walking with him on the long road to Emmaus, we are traveling together, supporting one another, facing our challenges and opportunities together, and seek a renewed spirit of purpose and solidarity, united by our common faith in the One who makes all things new.


Why do we need renewal?
What is the road to renewal?

What is the big picture?

Click HERE for answers to
these questions.



Click HERE to view presentations on the renewal, the Diocesan Dashboard, renewal flyers, and talking points.


Family of Families

Click HERE to view the finalized grouping of the families, download the booklet of families, and read the latest news releases.

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